Water Intrusion Detection

Infrared Investigations

Water Intrusion detection begins with infrared imaging, moisture meter testing, and finally, invasive investigations if needed. We have a Certified Thermographer on staff.

On the surface, looks can be deceiving.

No visible damage was noticed by the owners. Prior to painting Advantage performed an exterior envelope examination to check for water intrusion.

Early detection of water intrusion is the key.

Advantage detected moisture damage and performed further investigation to reveal extensive rot damage due to undetected water intrusion.

Tenant Improvements

Medical Clinic Remodel

We are experienced with medical clinic remodeling & improvements. We bring extensive knowledge of renovation & reconfiguration of x-ray & exam rooms, and staff offices.

Flexible Scheduling Minimizes Disruptions

We can schedule work for late night or after hours. We have successfully coordinated off-shift work for major renovation projects while normal business operations continued.

Full Service T.I. Resources

With turnkey services from design assistance through final finishes, our team of quality craftsmen will meet all your T.I. needs.

Decks & Waterproof Coatings

Difficult Access & Multi-story Decks

We bring decades of experience installing and repairing difficult access and high-rise structures. We’re highly skilled at replacing large timber posts & beams, and are knowledgeable on building codes.

Deck Rebuilding & Structural Repairs

Rebuilding water damaged decks often requires temporary shoring and precise coordination to prevent collapse. Ask about our annual deck inspection service.

Liquid Applied Waterproof Membranes

As specialists in certified installations of complete waterproof membrane systems, we have completed thousands of installations. We also have extensive experience with maintenance coatings.

Commercial & Multi-family Painting

Building Exterior Inspection

An exterior inspection is performed during your project’s painting preparation. Long-time proven employees are professional, clean, polite & trustworthy.

After Hours Shifts Minimize Disruptions

We effectively coordinate late night & off-shift work crews so your business can continue to operate during regular hours.

High Rise & Difficult Access Projects

We possess extensive experience with suspended scaffolding, sky climbers, spider staging and professional aerial equipment. We can safely & professionally execute your challenging jobs.

Additional Services

Siding & Recladding

Advantage takes pride in giving personal attention and unparalleled service to our valued customers.

Restoration & Structural Repairs

Let us prove our excellent estimating skills on your next project. We stand behind the integrity of our work.

Waterproof Membranes & Deck Repair

Our quality workmanship will add to the value of your property and help preserve your structure.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our customers with exceptional response and service exceeding construction industry standards.

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